I worked with dementia patients for years and always feel for the families; you lose your mom twice in the end -- first to this disease, and then, almost as a relief -- to death at some point. My heart is with you and I hope that you're able to find a support group or other means to help you through your own transitions. It gets easier for you mom now, so I'm glad you're choosing a little self-care for Carol. Hugs!

I understand a little of what you're dealing with. My mom's been gone three years, but the last five years of her life brought a huge decline in physical abilities, and numerous trips to MA from PA to stay with her after a hospitalization or rehab stay. It's hard to see them lose their independence -- harder still to watch them become bitter for all the changes. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers in the days ahead.

What a special person you are, Carol! I'm glad I stumbled across your page early on; the power of your words kept me coming back. Thanks for being a strong support for other writers, but also a wise source of inspiration for us "newbies"!

On my bucket list to take a train ride through some of the more beautiful spots in America. Thanks for a great article with numerous positive points to consider!

And sometimes, the Church makes that pain a much heavier burden.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

You’d be 29 today. Instead, the grass is slowly growing back on your grave.

I heard your name at Mass during prayers for the deceased, and did a double take. I knew your sister was a member of the…

Not all of us go about it in the conventional way…

Photo by Sandy Millar on Unsplash

I’ve often done things in an unconventional way, and that day was no exception. I was halfway through a missionary term in Texas, and stood waiting at the gate at Hobby airport in Houston. …

As a relative newcomer I love your words of wisdom. Hell, I got excited when my first few pieces made eighteen cents! I'm learning how to fit the needed time for Medium into my novel writing schedule -- giving up on housework might be the answer! :)

Not sure what to say if your child comes out to you?

These ten words are all you need.

Photo by author

The day my daughter entered the world, I held her close and studied tiny fingers and toes, amazed and in awe of the miracle of creation. …

Yes, I’m a Vegan — Except When I’m Not.

I’ve decided to redefine who I am and stop feeling guilty for not being perfect.

Photo by author

Two years ago I switched over to a plant-based lifestyle, and I’m still convinced it was one of the best choices I’ve made. I know there are numerous reasons why people give up meat and…

I know others who would totally agree with your piece....you're speaking for many, I believe. Maybe you should all leave and collectively start a women's commune of liberated caregivers. :)

Laurel Wenson

Author and online tutor for homeschoolers. Whole food/plant based. I love reading, writing, and learning. Pats fan/Brady fan forever!

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